Epilepsy, also known as seizure disorder, is a serious condition in which a person experiences a sudden surge of electrical activity in the brain.

The best way to describe epilepsy is as a temporary short circuit of the brain causing lack of awareness of your surroundings. Presentation may vary.

  • Everyone is born with a seizure threshold. If your threshold is high, you are less likely to have a seizure disorder.
  • Activities that may trigger a seizure: alcohol consumption, sleep deprivation, stress, illness, flickering lights, and hormones.
  • Lavender is the official color for Epilepsy awareness.

Neurologists are specialized physicians who may diagnose and treat a patient with seizure disorders.

One of the main testing for Epilepsy is an EEG, which is a test to monitor your brain waves.  Once diagnosed, your physician may place you on specific seizure medications.

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