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Southwest Florida Spinal Surgery Specialists

At Neuroscience and Spine Associates, P.L., our primary focus is patient care.  Once we have comprehensively assessed the patient’s condition, we can plan a rehabilitative or therapeutic regimen with our neurologists.  In some cases, this plan includes spine surgery.  Our professional staff includes board-certified experienced spine surgeons for those cases where surgery is the only approach to resolve the patient’s symptoms.

The range of expertise within our practice enables Neuroscience and Spine Associates to provide post-comprehensive care, working with patients and their caregivers from diagnosis to treatment and ultimately to recovery in the Naples/Fort Myers area.  Our spine surgeons have expertise in all forms of spinal and cranial surgery as well as peripheral nerve procedures.  They specialize in a wide range of treatments for brain tumors as well as spinal instrumentation.

Neuroscience And Spine Associates

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