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  1. Physician Portrait Photography taken by Rael Aguilar Photography, 2014-2016
    Photographer: Rael Aguilar
  2. Spinal Column Image found on 
    Photographer Lightwise
  3.  Fractured Spinal Column Image found on
    Photographer Lightwise
  4.  Golf photo found on iStock
    Photographer: Alija
  5. Beach photo found on iStock
    Photographer Casenbina
  6. Work Comp photo found on iStock
    Photographer: Stask
  7. Tennis photo found on iStock
    Photographer Gene Chutka
  8. Doctor with Flu shot sign
    Purchased from
    Copyright: <a href=''>convisum / 123RF Stock Photo</a>
  9. Woman with Holiday Migraine
    Purchased from
    Copyright: wavebreakmediamicro / 123RF Stock Photo
  10. Ankle Replacement Blog and Foot and Ankle Surgery Page  Feet on Treadmill
    Purchased from
    Copyright: wavebreakmediamicro / 123RF Stock Photo
  11. Sports Medicine Specialists 
    Purchased from
    Copyright: blasbike / 123RF Stock Photo
  12. Medical Tourism - Naples Bay Marina
    Purcahsed from
    Copyright: tonobalaguer / 123RF Stock Photo 

  13. Medical Tourism - Doctor Patient Shaking Hands
    Purchased from
    Copyright: kurhan / 123RF Stock Photo

  14. Medical Tourism - Couple Walking on Beach
    Purchased from
    Copyright: epicstockmedia / 123RF Stock Photo

  15. Medical Tourism - Medical Cross with Airplane
    Purchased from
    Copyright: epicstockmedia / 123RF Stock Photo

  16. Peripheral Neuropathy and Diabetes Blog
    Image found on Unsplash
    Photo by Garidy Sanders

  17. Medical Diagnosis Explained Blog
    Image found on Unsplash
    Photo by RawPixel



 All other images found on not on this list are provided by NASA Neuroscience And Spine Associates, P. L.,. For questions or concerns regarding the use of any images on this website please contact RGB Internet Systems, Inc.

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