Tips for a Healthy Brain at Any Age

Tips for a Healthy Brain at Any Age

As we age, our cognitive abilities often begin to decline. As a result, symptoms for conditions such as Alzheimer’s and stroke can begin to become prevalent. Adopting healthy brain habits are often a contributing factor that help limit cognitive decline. No matter your age, introducing the below habits into your daily life can result in benefits not only for your brain, but for your entire body.

Maintain an active lifestyle

A great habit at any age. An active lifestyle can help achieve the following health benefits:

Reduce blood pressure levels High blood pressure can damage blood vessels in your brain, which can lead to a stroke. Additionally, high blood pressure may be linked to dementia and cognitive decline.

Lower cholesterol High cholesterol increases your risk for heart disease, which is a risk factor in both stroke and dementia.

Normalize blood sugar levels If you suffer a stroke and have a high level of blood sugar, the damage can be more extensive.

Weight loss Obesity can also raise your risk of stroke.

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