Physical Therapy in Naples, Florida

Physical therapy on treadmill after ankle replacement surgery in Naples, Florida 

Physical Therapy in Naples, Florida is a critical part of recovery for many orthopedic and neurological conditions, injuries, and illnesses.

Living in sunny Naples, Florida, we have the opportunity to enjoy beautiful beaches and outdoor activities year-round. For those with health problems that make it difficult to perform everyday tasks, the goal of physical therapy is to enable them to continue an active lifestyle and maintain a better quality of life.

Physical therapy is a solution, often accompanied by other treatments, to help you improve your physical functions. It encompasses a wide range of methods that are customized to your specific conditions and symptoms and may be short term or long term.

Closed Reduction of a Fractured Bone

Closed Reduction of a Fractured Bone | Nasa

What is closed reduction of a fractured bone?

Closed reduction is a procedure that can be performed on a fractured or broken bone, to set the bone without cutting the skin open. The bone is put back in place which allows it to grow back together and heal in place.

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