Studies Show Fremanezumab Reduces Migraine and Headache

Studies show Fremanezumab reduces migraine and headache

Recent studies assessing the treatment applications of the drug fremanezumab are reporting exciting results for those who suffer from headache and migraine. This recent study, published in The New England Journal of Medicine, is the next phase in trials for anti-migraine drugs that could revolutionize the treatment of migraines.

Tips to Avoid Golf Injuries

Tips to Help Avoid Golf Injuries | Neuroscience & Spine Associates Orthopedics Division

This beautiful weather means the most important season is upon us here in Naples: prime golf season. As golf courses all over Naples begin to fill up with excited golfers ready to lower last year’s handicap, it’s important to play safe to avoid injury. That’s why we’ve listed some tips to help you avoid golf injuries and remain in peak performance.

Don’t overdo it

This is good advice for both your swing and the amount of time you spend playing. Swinging too fast can often cause stress on your joints, and the knees are especially prone to golf-related sports injuries. Taking a break from your game gives your body time to heal and recover. Take at least one day off from golfing a week.

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