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Medical tourism brings international patients to other countries for medical treatments or procedures. Here in the United States, the majority of our medical tourists make the decision to receive treatment with us for two important reasons. The first is to take advantage of our advanced medical procedures and committed staff of doctors and physicians, and the second is the freedom to schedule procedures on your timeline.

Below you will find our Medical Tourism Resource Guide. Some resources are specific to the treatments and procedures we offer at Neuroscience & Spine Associates here in Naples, Florida, but many will be required no matter where in the United States you choose to receive medical treatment.

What is an EMG?

What is an EMG? | Neuroscience & Spine Associates Blog

EMG stands for electromyography and is an assessment test used to measure muscle response and the motor neurons that control them in the human body. An EMG test is performed by an Electromyographer, a specialist neurologist. EMG testing does not require hospitalization and can last between 30 minutes to 2 hours.

What happens during an EMG Test?

During an EMG, electrodes are inserted in the muscles to measure response in the form of electrical activity. The electrical activity is observed on a monitor called an oscilloscope. The test results can also be translated into sounds with the use of an audio amplifier.

During the testing a patient may be asked to rest and contract (lift or bend) muscles in order to observe their activity. The specialist conducting the test will monitor response, looking for neuromuscular abnormalities.

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