Neurologists for Workers’ Comp Claims in South West Florida.

Neurologists for workers comp claims in South West Florida | Neuroscience & Spine Associates

Know your rights to neurological treatment when injured on the job

If you have been injured on the job you probably have a lot of questions about what happens next. The first thought that most of us have is when will be able to get back to work? The first step to getting back to work is healing properly. For most people, a large part of the healing process will involve workers’ compensation.

Workers' comp laws are can be complex and confusing, but below you will find some basic information to help you understand the process. Note: Workers’ compensation laws are complicated, and can change at any time. This blog is meant to serve as a guide, if you have any questions about workers’ compensation issues contact your attorney.

Does your workers’ comp medical provider list include a neurologist?

You want a neurologist for worker’s comp claims in Florida on your employers list of physicians. A neurological injury is a serious matter, and should be handled by doctors who are specialized in the following:

• Traumatic brain injury rehabilitation
• Neuro-behavioral rehabilitation 
• Vocational rehabilitation

How do I know if my place of business carries workers’ comp insurance?

In the state of Florida, if your employer has more than 4 employees, then they are required to carry worker’s compensation insurance in the majority of circumstances. If you work in the construction business, your company needs only one employee for the workers’ comp insurance requirement to go into effect.

Can I choose my physician?

If you are injured and your employer is working within a managed care arrangement, then they should provide you with a list of physicians to choose from. You will be limited in choice to this list. However, you will have one opportunity to petition to change your physician. If no medical care arrangement is setup, your employer chooses the physician.

Are you an employer or case manager looking for a neurologist? Click to read more | Neuroscience & Spine Associates

The importance of choosing your physician before an accident

Immediately after a workplace injury is not a great time to try to pick from a list of mystery doctors. We suggest that you research the provided list of physicians and have a plan in place in the event you are injured on the job.
While it is not realistic to assume you will be able to call up and schedule an interview with your list of physicians, you can always perform online research. Reading doctor reviews on reputable websites is a good way to get an overall idea of what people think about the doctors on your list.

Neurologist for worker’s comp claims in Southwest Florida

Neuroscience & Spine Associates provides specialized workers’ compensation services focused on 3 elements:

1.Providing you with the best medical care & rehabilitation services
2.Getting you back to work quickly
3.Communicating effectively with you case managers & claims adjusters

Our workers’ compensation team is made up of neurologists, neurosurgeons, orthopedic specialists, and committed physical therapists who work together to provide you with the best treatment options available.
If you have any concerns about neurologists for your workers’ compensation claims speak with your employer or case manager.



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