Common Sports Medicine Specialties

Common Sports Medicine Specialties | Sports Medicine Naples, Florida

When we think about sports injuries it usually brings up thoughts of broken bones, but that is just one aspect to sports medicine. Today, we are going to speak on the non-skeletal aspects of sports medicine.

Common Non-Musculoskeletal Sports Injuries

Many Sports Medicine Physicians have received additional training in the non-musculoskeletal aspects of sports medicine. One of the most common involves the diagnosis and treatment of non-musculoskeletal injuries, such as concussions.


A common and mild traumatic brain injury experienced most often by those who play contact sports, generally caused by a blow to the head. In some cases, a concussion can occur if the head is violently shaken. Those experiencing a concussion may lose consciousness, though most will not. Symptoms are often temporary and can include headaches, as well as balance, coordination, concentration, and memory problems.

Treating a concussion generally involves a period of rest and observation, pain medication for headaches may be prescribed as well. Your physician will also be able to speak with you to discuss the prevention of further concussions, such as wearing the proper equipment and learning safe gameplay techniques.

Common Muscle Injuries

Muscle Strains & Tears

Muscles are integral to movement, and those who play a sport, whether professionally or for fun, can sometimes push their muscles too far, resulting in injuries. In fact, even when you are not playing a sport there is a potential for muscle injury. Over use, improper use, and over stretching can all cause strains and tears of the muscle.

Muscle strains can be healed without surgery, and tears often do not need surgery. Your physician will create a unique treatment plan to heal and strengthen the affected area.

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Training, Injury Prevention, and Healthy Eating

Education is one of the most important jobs of a sports medicine physician. With the proper training an athlete can improve their game, prevent injury, and eat better, opening even greater avenues for improvement. To achieve these goals, sports medicine physicians work with athletes in a variety of ways.

Training & Conditioning

Physicians can help improve the strength, speed, and power of athletic performance with individualized exercise regimens.

Prevent or Reduce Athletic Injuries

Development of corrective methodologies both on and off the field for safer game play.

Sports Nutrition

A balanced meal plan created by a sports nutritionist is personalized to your goals and needs.

With all these different Sports Medicine Specialties, where do I go?

If you live in Southwest Florida, the answer is Neuroscience & Spine Associates. Our orthopedics and sports medicine division, Naples Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Associates is a fully integrative and comprehensive practice. Our orthopedic surgeons, sports medicine specialists, and foot & ankle specialists diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate right here in Naples.




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