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When you visit your doctor for your routine physical, take an unexpected trip to the emergency room for a sports injury, or make an appointment to have that weird thing on your arm looked at, the one common denominator is that your physician will perform a medical diagnosis. No matter what your ailment may be, this is always the first step to discover your condition. The right medical diagnosis leads to the develop of a treatment strategy.

So what exactly is a medical diagnosis?

Just like we have all agreed to follow the rules of the road, medical professionals have an agreed upon set of categories that are used to determine a condition, and it’s call diagnostic criteria. It sounds simple enough but consider how one symptom can be a sign of many disorders and you will begin to understand that a medical diagnosis can often become quite challenging. 

Aspects of the medical diagnosis process

Clinical Diagnosis

Listening to the patient is an important aspect of a clinical diagnosis, which is determined based on signs, symptoms, and the patient’s medical history.

Diagnostic Radiology

This involves the use of diagnostic imaging scans to discover a patient’s condition and lead to a proper diagnosis. This type of testing is non-invasive.

A Radiology Diagnosis can include:

Laboratory Diagnosis

Blood, urine, and other fluids may be gathered and tested, and the results are used to help inform the medical diagnosis.

Clinical, diagnostic, and laboratory are the big three, but there are multiple types of diagnoses. For example, when determining a medical condition proves complicated, a differential diagnosis is used to rule out conditions until a clear diagnosis presents itself.

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