Medical Tourism Resource Guide

Prepare for your travel and medical procedure in Naples, Florida

Medical tourism brings international patients to other countries for medical treatments or procedures. Here in the United States, the majority of our medical tourists make the decision to receive treatment with us for two important reasons. The first is to take advantage of our advanced medical procedures and committed staff of doctors and physicians, and the second is the freedom to schedule procedures on your timeline.

Below you will find our Medical Tourism Resource Guide. Some resources are specific to the treatments and procedures we offer at Neuroscience & Spine Associates here in Naples, Florida, but many will be required no matter where in the United States you choose to receive medical treatment.

Should you require medical assistance during your stay the following area hospitals provide quality care with state of the art equipment and caring staff.

Naples, Florida Hospitals

Physicians Regional Medical Center

Pine Ridge Location
6101 Pine Ridge 
Naples, FL 34119
Phone: (239) 649-1662

Collier Blvd. Location
8300 Collier Boulevard
Naples, FL 34114‎
Phone: (239) 354-6000

NCH Healthcare

North Naples Location
11190 Health Park Blvd 
Naples, FL 34110‎
Phone: (239) 552-7000

Downtown Naples Location
350 7th St North 
Naples, FL 34102
Phone: (239) 436-5228

The many locations of Neuroscience & Spine Associates are here to help with a safe, successful recovery. Contact us to schedule followup appointments.

Neuroscience & Spine Associates Contact

Physicians Regional Medical Center

MRI Center
877 111th Avenue North, Suite 1
Naples, FL 34108
(239) 594-8002

North Collier Office
Royal Palm Medical Building
1660 Medical Blvd., Suite 200 
Naples, FL 34110
(239) 566-3434

NCH Healthcare

Downtown Naples Office
Paragon Professional Building
130 Tamiami Trail Suite 250
Naples, FL 34102
Phone: (239) 263-1641

Physician Regional Office
6101 Pine Ridge Road 
Naples, FL 34119
Phone: (239) 649-1662


You will need to apply and receive approval for a medical visa. For most individuals, this will be the B-2 Visa for Medical Treatment. Qualification for the B-2
visa requires evidence of the following:

  • Your reason for travel to the U.S. is to receive medical treatment
  • Your visit is temporary
  • Intention to return home (family, job, etc.)
  • Proof of valid passport
  • Ability to pay for your medical treatment, travel expenses, and stay

Visit for more information on visitor visas for medical treatment in the United States. 

While what you will need may vary depending on your country of origin as well as the procedure, the following will almost always be required when traveling to the U.S for medical treatment.

  • Health Insurance Documentation
  • Medical Records
  • Complete Medical History (MRIs. X-rays, prescriptions, allergies, etc.)
  • Written agreement from healthcare provider (treatment details, what is covered, supplies)
  • Don't forget to obtain copies of your medical records after the procedure to bring home

Provide your medical center with an emergency contact located within the United States, such as the individual that accompanied you, as well as a contact in your home country.  Be sure to choose those you trust and feel comfortable knowing details concerning your health. Most importantly, confirm they will be available to help during the extent of your travel, procedure, and recovery.

  • Provide all contact information such as name, phone number, email, and address for each emergency contact
  • Establish two emergency contacts. Someone within the U.S. and someone located in your home country

Neuroscience & Spine Associates is located in Naples, a tropical paradise on the west coast of sunny Florida. We are known for our white sand beaches, luxurious homes, and casual attitudes, and have become a popular vacation spot for those seeking a something a little more elegant.

Our popularity means that hotels and homes for rent can fill up quickly, especially during season which last between October and March. Once you have confirmed your procedure we suggest that you begin looking for accommodations as soon as possible.

Payment will vary by facility but be sure that you fully understand your payment obligations and that you will be able to provide the payment required at or before the time of procedure.





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