Ankle Replacement in Naples, Florida

Ankle Replacement in Naples, Florida | NASA MRI Blog

Ankle replacement surgery, or total ankle arthroplasty (TAA) is performed with the expected outcome of improved ankle motion. It is most often used as a treatment for ankle arthritis, but also treats bone fractures, infection, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis. New designs and improved techniques in ankle replace have helped an ever-increasing number of Naples residents live the active lifestyle expected of the true Neapolitan.

What are my non-surgical options for ankle replacement?

Our orthopedics division understands that surgery for the treatment of your ankle arthritis is not your first choice. Don’t worry, it’s not ours either! We are committed to exhausting all non-operative measures prior to surgical consideration. Physical therapy, anti-inflammatory and pain medication, and bracing are some of the conservative treatment plans we consider and execute before surgical options are considered.

What to expect before, during, and after your ankle replacement procedure

Before your procedure, you will need to inform your health care provider of any illnesses you currently have (cold, flu) and what, if any, medications you are taking as you may need to stop the use of certain drugs before surgery. You may also be required to abstain from eating 6-12 hours before your ankle arthroplasty. You will most likely receive general anesthesia.

During the procedure metal and plastic components will be inserted as replacement for non-functioning organic material. If your Achilles tendon or calf muscle are tight, they may need to be lengthened. This will increase the range of motion for your new ankle joint. The procedure is concluded by stitching or stapling the opening.

After your ankle replacement procedure you will be fitted for a cast, sometimes a cast boot, to prevent your implant from bearing weight and also giving it time to properly heal. You may need to spend up to several days in the hospital. Your ankle will need to remain elevated for days; this allows for improved healing, and also helps to control swelling. You will also begin physical therapy to develop your range of motion.

What are the risks to ankle replacement?

It is rare that you will experience any risks during or after your ankle replacement procedure. However, prepared as you may be, as with any surgery, there are risks involved. The following is a list of the risks involved specifically with ankle replacement surgery:

• Stiffness or instability in the ankle
• Infection
• Blood clots
• Bleeding near the ankle joint
• Damage to areas of the ankle including nerves, and blood vessels
• Scarring
• Bone break or fracture
• Dislocation of the joint and loosening of the joint over time
• Allergic reaction to medications
• If you smoke, have diabetes, or rheumatoid arthritis you may have problems healing

Ankle Replacement in Naples, Florida

Ankle replacement procedure in Naples, Florida are performed by the orthopedics division of Neurosciene & Spine Associates. Replacement procedures are performed by Dr. Chirag Patel, who has recently joined the Neuroscience and Spine Orthopedics Department as a Foot & Ankle Fellow. Dr. Patel brings the education, caring, and experience required of all of our esteemed doctors and surgeons.

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