Brain Tumor Dizziness

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A brain tumor is a growth of cells in or near the brain or brain tissue. Brain tumors can also happen in locations nearby the brain such as nerves, pituitary gland, pineal gland, and the membranes covering the surface of the brain.

Dizziness by itself if not a common symptom of a brain tumor. While a brain tumor is not likely to directly cause dizziness, some brain tumors can trigger a dizzy feeling. The cerebellum controls balance and posture, so a brain tumor in this area may cause problems with balance and coordination.  If a tumor is in an area of the brain that helps to control balance, it can make you feel dizzy, which in turn can make you feel sick.

Often the first sign of a brain tumor is a headache in conjunction with other symptoms. Brain tumors cause symptoms because they take up space inside the skull as they grow and because of the position in the brain. Symptoms can develop gradually over months or years if the brain tumor is slow growing, or quickly over days or weeks if it is fast growing.

There is a host of factors that can cause dizziness, and while most are not life-threatening, it is always a good to speak with your physician if your symptoms are disrupting your quality of life.

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