Bunion Correction Surgery

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Advancements in bunion correction surgery have resulted in an exciting treatment option that addresses the root cause of bunion issues: an unstable joint. Previous bunion surgery options were only able to treat the symptoms, which resulted in ineffective surgeries that were unable to address the real problem area.

Bunion Correction Surgery Success

Non-surgical treatments focus on pain relief, and previous surgical remedies focused on removing the look of the misshapen bone. Unfortunately, these two options have a high chance for the bunion to return. Lapiplasty 3D Bunion Correction Surgery provides a surgical approach with a unique opportunity for long term success.

Treating the Root Cause

A bunion begins with an unstable foundation. If the joint connecting the tarsal bone and metatarsal of the big toe becomes unstable it can allow for rotation on the metatarsal, which is the root cause of the bunion.

Lapiplasty 3D Bunion Correction illustration of procedure | NASA MRI Blog

The Short Recovery Solution

Lapiplasty 3D Bunion Correction uses a specialized tool to rotate the bone back into proper alignment. Once aligned, two titanium plates secure the joint. As well as offering better results than previous treatments, Lapiplasty 3D Bunion Correction Surgery provides a shorter recovery time. Advanced titanium fixation technology has decreased recovery time for bunion correction surgery. Most patients are able to bear weight on the foot days after surgery, spend 6 weeks in a surgical boot, and be back to tennis shoes in 6-8 weeks.

Bunion Correction Surgery in Naples, Florida

Orthopedic Specialist Dr. Patel of Neuroscience and Spine Associates performs Lapiplasty 3D Bunion Correction Surgery in Naples, Florida. If bunion pain makes it hard for you to be active, and you are looking for a more permanent solution give us a call to schedule your appointment today

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