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If you suffer from arthritis of the big toe an exciting new surgical option may be just what you need. Cartiva Synthetic Cartilage Implants allow you to retain both mobility and range of function. Studies have even shown that after the implant patients report a reduction in pain. This new implant is an alternative to toe fusion surgery, which limits mobility.

What is Synthetic Cartilage Implant Surgery?

During surgery, an implant made of the same organic polymer as a contact lens is used to replace the injured cartilage. It is an outpatient procedure that often takes less than an hour to complete. During surgery, a 4-5 cm incision is made and the joint is exposed. Your surgeon will remove the injured cartilage as well as any bone growth. Your new Cartiva synthetic implant acts as a cushion while functioning as a weight-bearing joint surface.

What is the advantage to a Cartiva synthetic implant?

Before this newest surgical option, arthritis was commonly treated with pain killers and joint fusion. Pain killers are not a permanent solution, and joint fusion often reduces the pain of arthritis, but greatly limits mobility.

After toe fusion, patients lose the ability to move and bend the big toe joint. This can affect your ability to manage everyday activities such as balancing and walking. Studies have shown that synthetic cartilage implant surgery not only reduces pain, it also improves range of motion and mobility. Recovery time is also faster than toe fusion. No cast is required and your foot will be weight bearing almost immediately.

Is synthetic cartilage implant surgery for the big toe right for me?

If you are suffering from arthritis affecting your big toe (hallux rigidus) speak with your physician about a referral to consult an orthopedic foot and ankle specialist. Each person is unique, but most people with this condition are eligible for Cartiva implants. Currently, Cartiva is only approved for the treatment of arthritis of the big toe.

Want to learn more?

Exciting studies are showing great results.

Cartiva Synthetic Implant Surgery Naples, Florida

NASA Orthopedics is one of the first Naples offices to offer the new Cartiva synthetic cartilage implant. Cartiva implants are performed by Dr. Chirag Patel, an experienced surgeon with a strong commitment to returning all patients to their peak performance.

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