Closed Reduction of a Fractured Bone

Closed Reduction of a Fractured Bone | Orthopedic Fracture Car NASA MRI

What is closed reduction of a fractured bone?

Closed reduction is a procedure that can be performed on a fractured or broken bone, to set the bone without cutting the skin open. The bone is put back in place which allows it to grow back together and heal in place.

Benefits of Closed Reduction for Fractures

Closed reduction is not always feasible depending on your injury, but when possible, it has several benefits. The benefits of closed reduction include:

  • Removing tension on the skin and reducing swelling
  • Decrease pain
  • Lower risk of infection in the bone
  • Help your bone heal quickly
  • Improve the chances your limb will function normally after healing

How Closed Reduction Fracture is Performed

The doctor will examine your fracture and take X-rays to determine whether a closed reduction is the best option for you.

The closed reduction procedure is performed shortly after a bone is broken or fractured in an outpatient procedure. You will be given anesthesia, a sedative, or local anesthetic to block pain, and you may be awake or asleep during the procedure. The doctor will move the bone pieces into the proper position so it can heal in place.

After the bone is set, the doctor will take an X-Ray to make sure it is in the proper position before covering it with a cast so it can heal in place.

Because a closed reduction needs to be performed shortly after the bone is broken, it is often performed by an emergency physician.

Closed Reduction After Care

After a closed reduction procedure is performed, healing will take 8-12 weeks. Your healing time will depend on:

  • Your age
  • What bone is operated on
  • The type of break or fracture
  • Your overall health

It is important to talk with your medical provider and follow the specific directions they give you, including taking prescriptions or advised over-the-counter medications.An important step for aftercare is to rest your limb as much as possible. Until your medical provider says it is okay, do not drive, play sports, or do exercises that could injure your limb.

While emergency physicians often perform the closed reduction procedure, many patients chose to seek the guidance of an orthopedic specialists to ensure the alignment is correct.

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