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With the biggest football game of the year just a few days away we know what you’re thinking, how many total ACL tears did the NFL accumulate this year? Okay, so maybe that’s just our Orthopedics Department. However, as Orthopedic Specialists we do know that with every football game, from a quick pick-up with friends to the biggest game of the year the potential for injury is always there.

When you’re sitting around the big screen this Sunday and waiting for the all clear after a particularly nasty hit, consider these football injury statistics:

  • 23 ACL tears occur before week 1 during the 2013 – 2017 season
  • In order of largest percentage, are the most common orthopedic football injuries are:
    • Strains/Sprains – 39%
    • Bruises – 25%
    • Dislocations – 15%
    • Fractures – 10%
  • As many as 1.5 million young men participate in football every year, with an estimated 1.2 million football-related injuries per year. (San Francisco Spine Institute at Seton Medical Center)
  • 51% of injuries occur during training
  • Older players are at the highest risk for injury, but teams with experienced coaches and more assistant coaches are less likely to experience injuries
  • 50% of injuries occur in the lower extremities
  • 36% of those are knee injuries
  • NFL players live longer on average than their American male peers, but have a 3 times higher risk of death with an association to neurodegenerative disorders

Treating the most common football injuries

The top three orthopedic football injuries include ACL injuries, meniscus tears of the knee, and AC joint injuries of the shoulder. The first step to treatment is meeting with an orthopedic surgeon who will perform a physical exam and request imaging to have all the information available to make an informed treatment decision.

Learn More About Common Sports Injury Treatments

If a sports injury has taken you out of the game contact the Orthopedic Specialists at Neuroscience & Spine Associations. Our extensive orthopedics department is committed to Get You Back to Enjoying Your Active Lifestyle as quickly and safely as possible.

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