Preparing for Knee Replacement Surgery

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Many patients ask what they can do to reduce stress leading up to knee replacement surgery. You’re looking forward to stronger knees and more mobility with less pain. The time you spend preparing for your knee replacement will set you up for success.

One month before knee replacement surgery | Prepare your home and body

As your body heals, walking around the house may be difficult after surgery. There are things you can do before your knee replacement surgery to make your home more comfortable:

  • Clear a path around furniture so that you can easily move around
  • Remove or move items to avoid falls like throw rugs and general clutter
  • Place items you need within reach to avoid bending your knees
  • Have footwear available with non-skid soles
  • Prepare meals ahead
  • Have ample supply of your medications available

Start exercises to strengthen your knee before surgery. Lower impact activities like swimming or biking can be good options; especially if you are in pain. Don’t do any exercises that are too painful.

Ask for help from family and friends so that you can focus on healing after the surgery. Arrange for childcare or pet care, if needed. Seek help with chores and errands. Making plans a month in advance helps ensure you don’t forget anything and gives time for friends and family to adjust schedules.

One week before knee replacement surgery | Appointment and preparations

You’ll have a pre-operative appointment or call to make sure you are ready for surgery. A member of your care team will review what to expect during your knee replacement surgery, when you will start physical therapy, and answer any questions you may have. Also, a week prior to surgery, you’ll want to arrange a ride home from surgery and put fresh linens on your bed.

One day before knee replacement surgery | Pack your bag

Your bag should have everything you need for check-in, surgery, and recovery; specifically, picture ID, insurance card, emergency contact, comfortable clothes to wear home, toiletries, books or some type of entertainment, cell phone, charger, and headphones.

Knee Replacement Surgery in Naples, Florida

Knee replacement surgery is performed by the orthopedics division of Neuroscience & Spine Associates. Our combined resources and expertise allow us to provide patients with the highest quality care and manage all aspects of your medical care from diagnostics & testing, through developing a treatment plan. Contact us today to discover if knee replacement surgery is right for you.