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When a sports injury affects your active Naples lifestyle, quick and proper treatment becomes a priority. After all, those beautiful lush golf courses, shining tennis courts, and miles of beach to bike are calling your name! If you have experienced a sports injury your physician will often refer you to a Sports Medicine Specialist to aid with the recovery of your injury.

What is a Sports Medicine Specialist?

Sports medicine specialists are orthopedic physicians who have completed the specialized training focus required to treat individuals who experience sports related injuries.

What does a Sports Medicine Specialist Treat?

Injuries of the elbow, hip, shoulder, knee, and ankle.

How are sports injuries treated?

When it comes to a sports related injury, every person is different. Treatment plans are unique to every individual. The best specialists will always attempt to treat your injury non-surgically (if at all possible) through physical therapy, rest, and anti-inflammatory medication. The following list includes common treatment methods for sports injuries. Any number of these can be used in treatment.

  • Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation (The RICE Method)
  • Anti-inflammatory Drugs
  • Immobilization (casts, splints, slings)
  • Rehabilitation (physical therapy)
  • Surgery

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Non-Surgical Treatments for Sports Injuries

Most sports injuries will not require surgery. Advances in medicine have resulted in a wide range of non-surgical options including:

Injection Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma – Speeds up healing
Cortisone – Anti-inflammatory pain reduction
Viscosupplementation – Improve joint movement, pain reduction


Treating your injury may often be as simple as prescribing such anti-inflammatory medication as aspirin, naproxen, or ibuprofen.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy and rehabilitation can return you to your active lifestyle and provide you with the information you need to avoid future injuries.

Is Sports Medicine only for professional athletes?

No. In fact, most sports medicine doctors rarely treat professional athletes. College and high school students, as well as the recreational weekend player are more likely to be found at your local sports medicine practice. You don’t even need to injure yourself while engaging in a sport. As we age our knees, ankles, and shoulders experience wear and tear from everyday use and can become injured doing the simplest task, such as carrying a bag of groceries into your home. A sports medicine specialist may be the perfect fit for treating that type of injury.

What will happen on my first visit to a Sports Medicine Specialist?

Like with any other doctor’s visit your orthopedic specialist will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your condition. You will need to provide health history, and a physical exam will be performed. If imaging is required that will also be completed or scheduled. Your specialist will then determine your best course of treatment.

Looking for Sports Injury Specialists in Fort Myers and Naples, Florida?

The Sports Injury Specialists of NASA Orthopedics are committed to providing cutting-edge treatment options, both surgical and non-surgical, to the residents of South West Florida. We aim to develop a treatment approach that returns you to the enjoyment of your favorite physical activities quickly and safely. Contact us today to learn more.

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