Studies Show Fremanezumab Reduces Migraine and Headache

Studies Show Fremanezumab Reduces Migraine and Headache | NASA MRI Blog

Recent studies assessing the treatment applications of the drug fremanezumab are reporting exciting results for those who suffer from headache and migraine. This recent study, published in The New England Journal of Medicine, is the next phase in trials for anti-migraine drugs that could revolutionize the treatment of migraines.


This phase of testing included 1,130 patients who experience chronic migraines. Broken up into three groups, the first was given a quarterly dose of fremanezumab, the second a monthly dose of the drug, and the third group received a placebo. The testing period lasted 12 weeks, and doses were injected subcutaneously.


The test measured the results based on a reduced average number of headaches reported in those given frenabezumab or placebo.


Below are the percentages (based on groupings) of those who reported at least a 50% reduction in average number of headaches per month.

38% When given fremanezumab quarterly during the testing phase
41% When given fremanezumab monthly during the testing phase
18% When given a placebo during the testing phase


Fremanezumab reduced the frequency of headache (with a higher frequency than that of the placebo) of individuals within the test group who suffer from headache and migraine. Further tests will be needed to determine the long-term effects of fremanezumab, but this is an exciting next-step in the process of discovering drugs that can reduce suffering for the millions of people affected by chronic headaches and migraines.

Source: Download the New England Journal of Medicine Article

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