What to Expect After Hip Replacement Surgery

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What to Expect After Hip Replacement Surgery?

After having hip replacement surgery, expect your lifestyle to be like it was before surgery – just without the pain. Returning to everyday activities will take time. Being active in the recovery process ensures a more successful outcome.

Many variables affect the success of hip replacement surgery and length of recovery time. Included are the strength of the bones and muscles along with general health and lifestyle. Commitment to a rehabilitation program is also an important part of the recovery process.

Plan Ahead for Recovery

Hip replacement recovery can be easier when planned ahead in the weeks prior to surgery. Ask someone to help during the first few weeks after leaving the hospital. A social worker or other form of assistance may be necessary if no one is available to help.

Consider organizing the home for after surgery with a chair in the shower and clearing walkways throughout the house.

Take care of any dental work prior to undergoing hip replacement surgery. Bacteria can enter the blood during dental procedures which could cause infection in the hip after surgery.

Immediately After Surgery

Plan to spend one day in the hospital after surgery adjusting to the new hip and learning exercises to help with recovery.

Basic physical therapy usually begins within one day after hip replacement surgery to learn strengthening exercises before going home. This could also be walking with a walker, crutches, or cane. The physical therapist will provide goals and instructions to complete while in the hospital and at home.

At Home

Help will be needed for several days after hospital discharge. Make sure you have help with household activities like meal prep, cleaning, laundry.

Appetite may be weak but eating a balanced diet will improve recovery. Avoid falls by using walk assistive devices, when necessary.

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