Why Neurologists are your best option after a stroke

Why Neurologists are your best option after a stroke | NASA MRI Blog

A stroke is the result of the blood supply to your brain becoming reduced or interrupted, depriving your brain of oxygen and nutrients. Many factors can lead to strokes, among them smoking, lack of exercise, obesity, excessive drinking and illicit drug use, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease and other heart conditions, family history of stroke, and age. Most of us know that during a stroke a neurologist is your best hope for survival, but not everyone is aware how important a neurologist is to your continued recovery, rehabilitation, and risk reduction.

Recovery and Rehabilitation – A neurologist has an intimate knowledge of the brain’s blood supply, anatomy, and function, as well as the different subtypes of strokes. Working with a neurologist in your recovery means determining your specific condition and fully understanding your recovery process. Every stroke patient is different, but many people will need the assistance of physical and speech therapists during rehabilitation.

Risk Reduction – Many steps can be taken to reduce your risk of another stroke. Among them are smoking cessation, proper diet, exercise, and in some cases medication. A neurologist has the experience and credentials to administer the proper medication, and will work with physical and speech therapists to insure your chances for a full recovery.

The best neurologists work with a team of doctors and therapists to help you recover after a stroke. If you live in the Naples and Fort Myers area the stroke team of Neuroscience and Spine Associates are committed to helping you get your life back after a stroke.