The Top Two Most Common Types of Neck Pain

Common Type of Neck Pain | Neuroscience & Spine Associates

1. Muscle Strains

This is the most common type of neck pain. It results from improper-use or over-use of the muscles. Also commonly referred to as a muscle tear or pulled muscle, a muscle strain is a short term injury that usually does not require additional testing or imaging, and will heal in a short period of time.

Common Causes of Muscle Strains:

  • Repetitive activity Car Accidents (Whiplash)
  • Poor Posture
  • Overexertion
  • Poor flexibility

If you have experienced a common muscle strain treatment often includes rest, ice and compression to minimize swelling, anti-inflammatory medication, and plenty of warm-up stretches. While most muscle strains do not require medical attention, you know your body best, so don’t hesitate to meet with your physician if you feel that you should.

When to see a doctor for muscle strains:

  • You are having difficulty moving your arms and legs
  • You are experiencing numbness in the injured area
  • You are still experiencing pain after one week

You can help avoid muscles strains by practicing good posture, being careful when lifting heavy objects, exercising regularly, even losing weight can help if needed.

New Bunion Surgery reduces recovery time.

 New Bunion Surgery reduces recovery time | Neuroscience and Spine Associates

Let’s face it, bunions are the worst. They make every step painful, they limit your active lifestyle, and they just plain don’t look great, especially in sandals. And sandals are important here in Southwest Florida. Luckily, the newest development in bunion treatments doesn’t just treat bunions, it also has a lower recovery time, getting you back into those sandals sooner than you might think possible.

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