Orthopedic Football Injury Statistics & Treatment

Orthopedic Football Injury Statistics & Treatment | Neuroscience & Spine Associates

With the biggest football game of the year just a few days away we know what you're thinking, how many total ACL tears did the NFL accumulate this year? Okay, so maybe that’s just our Orthopedics Department. However, as Orthopedic Specialists we do know that with every football game, from a quick pick-up with friends to the biggest game of the year the potential for injury is always there.

When you’re sitting around the big screen this Sunday and waiting for the all clear after a particularly nasty hit, consider these football injury statistics:

Spinal Compression Fracture Symptoms and Treatment

Spinal Compression Fracture Symptoms and Treatment | Neuroscience and Spine Associates

Summarizing Spinal Compression Fractures

A Spinal Compression Fracture can occur when the bones of the spine crack, or fracture, due to pressure. Most spinal fractures are a result of the aging process, but they can occur at any age. They most often occur when bone mass is lost with age and the bones become more susceptible to compression fractures. 

A compression fracture can happen throughout the spine but is most likely to occur in the middle or lower regions. It can result from a fall or lifting a heavy object. Because most fractures are a result of osteoporosis, which is a loss of bone mass, something as simple and uncontrollable as sneezing can cause a spinal compression fracture. 

And because most of us won’t think that a sneeze can cause a spinal fracture it’s important to be aware of the symptoms.

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