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There are so many MRI facilities within the Naples area to choose from. Do you, as a patient, know why NASA MRI would be the best choice?

It is the patient’s choice to choose where they prefer to have their MRI completed. But, the biggest advantage for choosing NASA MRI would be; the physicians are able to view the scan as soon as it is completed, we have a physician on staff while you are in the scanner, if there is an acute problem we can take the appropriate measures at that time, and we treat every patient as they were our only patient. We consider every patient to be our #1 priority and with our thoroughness, we try to accommodate every patient to leave our center with peace of mind. NASA provides a very professional work environment allowing the patients to feel comfortable while in office and we provide flexible hours to fit each patient’s needs.

Not all MRI machines are created equal.

MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) When protons are placed in a magnetic field, they become capable of receiving and then transmitting electromagnetic energy. The strength of the transmitted energy is proportional to the number of protons in the tissue. Signal strength is modified by properties of each proton’s micro-environment, such as it’s mobility and the local homogeneity of the magnetic field. MRI signal can be “weighted” to accentuate some properties and not others.

When an additional magnetic field is superimposed, one which is carefully varied in strength at different points in space, each point in space has a unique radio frequency at which the signal is received and transmitted. This makes constructing an image possible. It represents the spatial encoding of frequency, just like a piano.

Why choose NASA MRI?

  • The most advanced MRI in Southwest Florida
  • ACR Accredited MRI with Registered MRI Technologists
  • Our scanner provides a spacious, wide body open design for the utmost comfort
  • Leading high field technology from Philips: providing unparalleled speed and extremely accurate viewing
  • The physicians are able to view the scan as soon as it is completed

If you are interested in learning more about which MRI machine is right for your unique needs read our Open MRI Vs. Closed MRI blog post.

If you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment please contact our Neuroscience and Spine Associates Naples MRI Center or click below to schedule an appointment. Our NASA MRI is located at our Naples location of 877 111th Avenue North.

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