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Pain Management is the process of providing medical care that alleviates or reduces pain. Mild or moderate pain can usually be treated with analgesic medications, such as aspirin, Aleve, and/or Tylenol. For chronic or severe pain, controlled prescriptions may be used and monitored closely.

Chronic pain

Chronic pain is defined as pain that has lasted longer than three to six months, though some theorists and researchers have placed the transition from acute to chronic pain at 12 months. Others apply acute to pain that lasts less than 30 days, chronic to pain of more than six months duration, and sub-acute to pain that lasts from one to six months. A popular alternative definition of chronic pain, involving no arbitrarily fixed durations is “pain that extends beyond the expected period of healing”

The 2 most common Chronic Pain symptoms include:

Pain management also introduces the epidural for severe pain to reduce inflammation that is associated with spinal pain. Our pain management specialists at our Fort Myers, Naples, and Immokalee offices will control the intake of medications and provide the patient with the utmost care, allowing the patient to continue their daily activities in a conservative manner.

If you are experiencing chronic pain in your neck, back, or any location on your body contact one of our offices below to schedule an appointment with one of our pain management doctors. We pride ourselves on providing professional and competent services to the Southwest Florida area.

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