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What is a bone fracture?

A bone fracture, or broken bone, occurs when an external force greater than the strength of your bone tissue causes a break to occur in the bone. In rare circumstances a bone fracture can occur without the application of an external force.

The external force often determines the severity of a bone fracture. Slight force my cause a crack, while extreme force can cause the bone to shatter.

Traumatic Fracture vs. Pathologic Fracture

The most common bone breaks fall under the traumatic fracture category. This is when an outside force causes your bone to fracture. Less rare are the pathologic fractures, which occur dues to diseases or disorders that weaken the bone and can cause it to break under normal use conditions. Osteoporosis, cancer, and infection are some examples of the causes of pathologic fractures.

Types of fractures

Common types of Fractures | NASA MRI BlogStable Fracture – The bone is barely out of place. Also called simple or closed fracture.

Open Fracture – The broken bone pierces the skin, resulting in an open wound. This type of fracture has a high infection risk.

Transverse Fracture – A straight, horizontal break across the bone

Oblique Fracture – A diagonal, or angled break

Comminuted Fracture – The bone shatters into 3 or more pieces

Causes of bone fractures

A variety of conditions or injuries can lead to fractures. However, the most common causes can be broken into 3 types:
• Bone Trauma – A sports injury, car accident, or a fall are the most common fracture causes
• Bone Disease – Osteoporosis weakens bones, causing them to break more easily
• Overuse – This type of fracture Is most common in athletes, and it caused by repetitive motion.

Symptoms of bone fractures

A bone fracture is often the type of injury that you are immediately aware of. It will be very painful and difficult to move. However, every fracture is different and some symptoms include:

• Swelling
• Bruising
• Pain when touching or putting pressure on the injured area
• Visual abnormalities

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Bone fracture treatment

While there are many types of bone fractures, the conclusion of each of the is the same: the broken bones are put back into place and held there until they heal. Many treatments and methods can be used, including:
• Surgical
• Immobile or functional casts
• Traction
• External of internal fixation (use of pins and screws to keep the bone in place while it heals)

Bone fracture recovery time

It can take weeks, even months for your bone fracture to heal. Following your doctor’s instructions is the best way to keep your healing time as short as possible.

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Bone Fracture Treatment in Naples & Fort Myers, Florida

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