Orthopedic Fracture Care – Closed Reduction

Orthopedic Fracture Care – Closed Reduction | NASA MRI Blog

As health professionals, we understand how an unexpected injury can hinder your plans and make day-to-day living difficult. That is why when patients come to us with a bone fracture our first instinct it to consider the least inconvenient option. And when it comes to a bone fracture, that means closed reduction.

Closed reduction is a non-operative treatment option for bone fractures. During closed reduction your orthopedic surgeon will return the bone pieces to their correct position. A cast or splint will hold the bone in place during the healing process. Your bone will now go to work healing itself. The broken edges will grow new bone and essentially knit itself back together.

Closed Reduction can:

• Decrease pain
• Lower risk of infection in the bone
• Result in a bone that heals quickly
• Return the bone to pre-injury mobility

What are the risks involved in closed reduction?

It is rare that you will experience any risks during or after your closed reduction fracture procedure. However, prepared as you may be, as with any surgery, there are risks involved. The following is a list of the risks involved specifically with closed reduction:

• Injury to nearby blood vessels, nerves, and soft tissue
• Blood clot
• Allergic reaction to medication
• The occurrence of new fractures
• The need for surgery may present if bones do not heal
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Recovering from closed reduction

Your fracture may take several weeks, and sometimes months, to heal. It is important to not put undue stress on the fracture until healing is complete. Your cast may be removed before you are healed, and the pain often subsides well before healing. A physical therapist will work with you, teaching you the correct exercises to restore muscle strength, joint motion, and flexibility.

Preventing bone fractures

Some fractures can be prevented by improving your bone strength. Common practices involve having plenty of Vitamin D and calcium in your diet, as well as weight lifting exercises.

Closed reduction in Naples, Florida

Closed reduction procedures for the treatment of bone fractures in the Naples and Fort Myers area of South West Florida are performed by the orthopedics division of Neuroscience & Spine Associates.

Our fracture care services include:

• Initial pre-operative evaluation
• Diagnostic Testing
• Education & counseling for patients and their families
• Wound care
• Post-procedure follow up
• Application and removal of casts and splints

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